Distance Interior Furnishing – A deeper analysis of our methodology

The design process:

Inside furnishing is based on a design process where our clients are guided from concept to completion.

First consultation:

The first consultation is an introduction to one another, to evaluate if we are able to mutually agree on collaboration. Inside will draft a contract outlining:

» Technical and financial scope of the project

» General terms and conditions of the project

» Project approval and order

Interview and Preparation:

After our first interview we review your project in detail and establish the design direction and functional room requirements. Clients are generally required to prepare some images which will serve as a starting point for each interior we are designing.

The conducted interview and preparation along with your selected images will be used as tools to explore your design aesthetic and desires for your interiors.


Technical plan

The foundation for a well-designed interior is a thoughtful room layout with an efficient space plan and overall color pallet. This step is the pillar that drives the final design. We will takes measures of your rooms and furniture, take photos, determine color pallets and prepare technical drawings.

Design plan

We unveil your custom design through the use of images and sample materials such as quality fabrics, paint and flooring. We will provide the overall concept board with all the design elements for your interior. You have the opportunity to refine the design during this discussion prior to approving the final plan.

Project approval and order

At this stage of the project, the design/technical designs are approved and furniture orders are made. This is followed up with a contract where both parties have agreed on the project terms and conditions, defined all the financial aspects of the project, delivery terms, quality conditions/guarantee etc.

Execution and project management

Our team coordinates all of the installations and finished goods for your interior, as well as managing orders. Production and installation schedules are created to constantly track the status of your project.

Installation and completion of project

When all furnishings are ready for installation, the design team approves delivery of your items. Projects can vary from an afternoon or several days to be completed, as this all depends on the size and scale of the project.